Any Movie,
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Not only the movies now playing in theaters,

With Re:Bora you can watch any of your favourites in theaters near you.

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Choose from Any Movies,
Not Only the Ones Playing in Theaters

With Re:Bora, you can watch any of your favorites in theaters nearby.


Watch Movies
in a Brand New Way
with Re:Bora

From talk shows and small gatherings to
simply watching your long wanted movies.


With Just a Click,
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You might be wondering how to watch the movies that are not playing in theaters right now.

Re:Bora will do the searching for the movies you want and if not, you can advertise for your own.

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Characters Business

Masitju and Friends
Mobile Game

Music Sharing App

Our ‘Libido’ app allows users to share and communicate their music tastes on a live platform.

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home theater related goods

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